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Students who are serious about learning and have a deep interest in math, science, and technology are invited to apply. There is a formal application process for students to be admitted in the fall of each year. Upon acceptance, an information session will be scheduled to review school policies and procedures.

Grades 2 - 11 

Enrollment for 2017-18 is open, please click on the Enrollment tab to apply


Enrollment - School Year 2017 - 2018

Admission is open to all school age children and youth who live in Philadelphia, PA.


The Procedure

Step 1 - The New Student Enrollment Application must be submitted to the main office by 2/17/2017.  We will not accept duplicate or multiple applications.  If multiple applications are submitted, only the first application will be considered.

Step 2 - When we receive the New Student Enrollment Application, your child’s name will be entered into our waiting list/lottery, which will take place on 2/22/2017.   Incomplete applications will not be processed or entered into the lottery.

Step 3 - If your child is accepted into Maritime Academy Charter School through the application process, an acceptance letter will be sent out within a week and your documentation will be required to be submitted.