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Letter of Support for Maritime Academy Charter School

Friends and Supporters of MACS:

We need your help!  MACS would like to purchase 3 buildings within the Arsenal located at 2275 Bridge Street so that we can house our entire K-12 school into one central location.  Bldg 201 and 202 would be the new middle and high school buildings, bldg. 222 would serve as the Maritime Center of Excellence, with a basketball court, theatre, and support our maritime curriculum programs/Sea Cadets.  

MACS would become a fully gated community with 24/7 security and would include access to the river at the Frankford and Tacony Boat Launch.  There is also a waterfront site potentially being made available by Bridge Industrial, a warehouse developer, for an appropriate Bridesburg community partner, which would give MACS access to the Delaware River with a pier and wharf area.  This site is less than 0.5 miles from the Arsenal entrance.

The CSO has asked that we provide letters of support from companies, parents, students, staff, and surrounding community showing support of this move.  

Attached is an example of a letter which shows support.  We kindly ask that you sign it and return it to us ASAP so that we can assure the CSO that MACS has loyal friends and supporters that want the best school possible for the students and the community.


High School Location Survey for Families - Your Opinion Matters!

Maritime is looking to move the high school to the Arsenal Business Center.  This move would have the entire campus on the grounds of the Arsenal Business Center, a fully gated community with 24/7 security. MACS will also have access to the river at the Frankford Boat Launch and Tacony Boat Launch.  

High School Location Survey for Families - English

High School Location Survey for Families - Spanish

New Home and School Association Board Members New Home and School Association Board Members
CLC Summer Journeys Application 2022

Please click HERE for information and access to the six week program for the CLC Summer Journeys Application for 2022.

Maritime Speaker Series- Mr. Stephen J. Galati, Esq.