Board of Directors

Last Updated: 9/8/2023 1:10 PM

All Board meetings take place on the third Wednesday of the month at 5:00pm at our high school location.


To register to speak at the Maritime Academy Board of Trustee meeting, the following procedure must be followed:

  •  Individuals must call the office and register in their own name and cannot register on behalf of someone else;
  •  Individuals representing an organization must identify that organization at the time they register, and no more than one representative of an organization can register to speak at a single meeting;
  • Individuals must give their name, address, daytime telephone number, and the subject on which they intend to address the Maritime Academy Board of Trustees;
  • Individuals may speak for no more than three minutes;
  • No more than six individuals on the same side of an issue will be permitted to speak, though an unlimited number of individuals may leave written comments for the Maritime Academy Board of Trustees to review;
  •  Individuals will be ruled out of order if they attempt to comment or complain about the conduct or performance of a particular charter school employee and will be directed to address their comments to the appropriate school administrator;
  •  Individuals will be ruled out of order if they attempt to make any remarks of a personal nature regarding any other individual, whether or not that person is present; and
  • Individuals will be ruled out of order and asked to leave the meeting if they use any vulgar or profane language.
  • Speakers are encouraged to contact the CEO of Maritime Academy to ensure comments and concerns are of a legitimate nature.

Student speakers will continue to be prioritized and normally will speak first.

Board of Directors Meeting Schedule 2023-2024

Board Members and Email Addresses:

Scott Cointot, Board Chairman -

Michele Krajewski, Vice Chairperson/Secretary -

Louis Cavaliere, Board Member -

Robert Cook, Board Member -

Minerva Cruz, Board Member -

Tummona Fisher, Board Member -

Lewis Grill, Board Member -

Nathan Hauser, Board Member -

Michael Mattioni, Board Member -

Arthur Sulzer, Board Member -

Richard Venuti, Board Member -

Robert Vacchiano, Board Member -

Cynthia Hudson, Board Member -

Michael LaGrassa, Board Member -

Mary Anne Celenza, Board Member -

Board Meeting Minutes

BM 7.20.22

BM 8.18.22

BM 9.21.22

BM 10.19.22

BM 11.16.22

BM 1.25.23

BM 2.15.23

BM 3.15.23

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BM 6.21.23