About US

Who Are We?
MACHS enrolls students in grades 2-12 and has the unique mission of providing its students with a rigorous academic program within a maritime theme. MACHS' graduates are expected to qualify for admission to the nation's institutions of higher education including junior colleges, universities and maritime trade schools. Students may aspire to work with governmental agencies, environmental groups, maritime businesses, and on our nation's waterways.
At the high school level, MACHS' students are introduced to the maritime world of work and receive information about careers in maritime industries. Students experience the world of maritime careers via job shadowing, mentorships, and internships.



MACHS has a strong cadre of experienced professional educators to lead the school's operations and a prominent board of directors who are civic leaders from law, government, education and business professions. This group of seasoned professional oversee and carry out the program of the MACHS to assure its academic and financial success. As the only one of its kind in the country, MACHS is an outstanding national model of innovation in public education.