CEO / Principal's Message

Last Updated: 8/2/2021 3:24 PM


Dear Cadets, Parents, Guardians, Teachers, Administration, Support Staff and All who help make MACS be the very special place that it is –

Welcome Back to the 2022-2023 School Year!  We will continue our theme and motto "Be Rich In Kindness". This has become our culture - in the hallways, classrooms, on the athletic field, at home, in the mess hall, on a field trip, just everywhere Maritime is found. It is not only at places, but also in our everyday encounters with one another; on social media, among friends, being KIND is what we do at MACS. Kindness is not a weakness but a trait of goodness and strength. We do not tolerate bullies at MACS. We disarm them with Acts of Kindness. Our teachers, administrators and support staff focus on what they can do as educators to ensure that our cadets are always in the forefront - it is about our cadets. They bring to the table their skill, talent and learning, and impart it to our cadets with insight, patience, resilience, tact, and on occasion, a great sense of humor!

This will also be the year of "Maritime" - we are the Maritime Academy Charter School!  This year it is with a capital "M".  Starting at the High School with Chief Hentnick, USCG (retired) and 20 years of USCG experience to MACS and also the leader of our Sea Cadets.  Next, we have Captain Samm with his maritime vocabulary and boat building and very salty blue water demeanor.  We also have two newcomers in Chief Peitsinovski USN (retired), who also brings his 20 years of naval engineering experience to MACS along with Mr. Gosse, who brings many years of boat building and marine environmental studies to MACS.  

Now let me tell you about our Elementary and Middle School – we have Captain McGee with his many years of service to the Military SeaLift Command (MSC); our nation's logistical and water transportation support for the US Military.  In addition, we also have Mr. James Phillips, the leader of our League Cadet program.

In addition to our maritime teaching staff, we have many Board members who are leaders in our local maritime community. They are Ship Captains, Pilots on the Delaware River & Bay, Maritime attorneys, and leaders in the Maritime Business Community. This year, we have also partnered with the Sailing Vessel "North Wind".  We had six MACS cadets travel to Delaware City aboard the North Wind. It is our plan to continue this partnership and give our Cadets a true waterborne maritime experience.  In addition, we partner with the Independence Seaport Museum and the Glen Foerd Mansion for boatbuilding and environmental studies, our boats are then launched and floated at the Discovery Center and Bartram Gardens in Philadelphia. MACS also brings to school a variety of maritime professionals on a monthly speaker series.  It is through these many maritime ventures that we hope to trigger the interest of our cadets in continuing their studies at a maritime trade school or college and ultimately to a successful career in the maritime industry - by far one of the most interesting, rewarding and successful career opportunities! 

MACS is not only a maritime school but we are a public school with an obligation and responsibility to teach the common core of necessary subject matter. MACS has the very best and talented teachers in math, science, biology, English, literature, history and civics, music and art.  We have an award winning art program and a music program that gives all cadets the ability to participate in our music concerts; many for the first time holding and playing an instrument and finding they have an extraordinary singing voice!  MACS is an award winning school in providing special service to any cadet and we pay particular attention to the mental and emotional health of our students.     

MACS teaches its students how to respond to the real work. We teach resilience and how to respond to frustration and failure. The plan from the outset is that every 8th grader will move on to high school and every 9th grader will graduate from high school.  Our counselors, teachers, support staff, coaches, and administrators will never give up on a MACS cadet. You will get all the support you need to be successful in school. We will do this with kindness and acts of kindness. We will push you beyond what you thought you could handle. We expect from a MACS cadet honesty and perseverance. We will recognize your efforts and improvements in a caring and safe environment.

MACS and its CEO is crazy about sports, arts, theater, music, baseball, basketball, softball, bowling, soccer, volleyball, and any other sport or performing arts.  Although he has never been a great athlete or a great musician, he does persevere; which is what he would like you to do while in our schools. Get outside your natural box - get out of your comfort zone!  Give a sport a try, play an instrument, sing a song, even if you never did it before.  Be a scholar athlete or musician or singer.  Participate in as many activities as you are able but without sacrificing your studies. Make every effort to enjoy learning, even when the subject matter is tough and you are struggling.  Be a life saver - step up when you see someone who needs help.  Participate in class, work hard at learning, be a team player, and always Be Rich In Kindness.

Eugene Mattioni Esq.,

Chief Executive Officer – Maritime Academy Charter School



Dear Cadets and Families:

It is my honor to serve as your principal and welcome you back to a new school year! I hope you had a restful summer and are ready to return. I am pleased to announce that Mr. Stephen Hewitt (Assistant Principal) has joined our high school administrative team!

It is our mission to prepare each cadet for the challenges of post-secondary life, whether that be education or gainful employment. To that end, we are excited for all that the 2022-2023 school year will hold. Maritime Academy strives in creating a safe and healthy learning environment where students complete a comprehensive, rigorous academic program. These programs are uniquely crafted in partnership with our community, and our maritime industry partners, to prepare students for a marketplace that is rapidly evolving and in need of new, innovative problem-solvers. Whether our cadets aim to move into a two or four-year degree program, join the workforce, start a business as a courageous entrepreneur, or join our valiant armed forces to defend American freedom, Maritime is committed to preparing each and every cadet for success.

It is my expectation that throughout the 2022-2023 school year cadets will:

  • Maintain regular, punctual attendance in order to keep up with learning and activities.
  • Arrive to school prepared in proper school uniform along with necessary materials, including a charged Chromebook.
  • Work hard and always be rich in kindness.
  • Support one another and participate in extracurricular activities.

Maritime Academy prides itself on producing outstanding young adults, and I find that excellence in these basic elements of school participation yield amazing results over time.

I am very excited to welcome cadets back to school for the 2022-2023 school year. Enjoy your final days of summer and Go Seadogs!

With Pride,

Matt Wilson, High School Principal


Welcome Letter From the Elementary School Principal


We want to welcome everyone to the 2022-2023 school year here at the elementary school. My hope is that everyone had a productive and happy summer and are ready to return to school with energy and enthusiasm for learning.  Before I go any further I would like to announce that we have a new addition to our administrative staff. Mrs. Laura Bischoff (Fredericks) has been promoted to Assistant Principal. She is replacing Mr. Hewitt who has moved back to our high school as their Assistant Principal.  Ms. Bischoff has big shoes to fill and we have no doubt that she will do an amazing job in her new role.


The other important happening this year is the introduction of our first ever kindergarten classes.  We will start with two small classes and we plan to expand our kindergarten numbers in subsequent years.  Bringing aboard kindergarten will allow us to provide a continuum of instruction from kindergarten through 12th grade for our cadets! We could not be more excited about this fact.  


After nearly two and a half difficult school years brought on by the COVID pandemic we hope to continue our path back to normalcy this school year. Our cadets and teachers worked very hard last year to make up for some of the COVID learning loss from the previous year and we saw the fruits of this labor with much improved PSSA scores in the spring of 2022. We will continue to build on this momentum and always strive to teach to high standards and lofty expectations.  


Here are few things to remember as we begin the school year:

  • Cadets should report to school in proper uniform daily. At the elementary school we have not made any changes to our uniform expectations.

  • Daily attendance is imperative. Some of our cadets have gotten in the habit of missing school because of COVID and this is negatively affecting their learning. 

  • Cadets need to handle their Chromebooks with care and make sure they bring them to school everyday.  They also need to bring their Chromebooks charged. 

  • The School District is again offering the flat rate program so this means that there will likely be a lot of traffic at drop off and pick up. Please be patient and follow the directions of the Arsenal staff if you are a driver. 


As always be RICH IN KINDNESS!!!


Peter Saunders Elementary School Principal.  




Dear Maritime Cadets, Families, Staff, Teachers and Community Members,

Welcome back to the 2022-2023 school year! I am hopeful that this year will be more “normal” than our last years.  

Though Covid continued to be a challenge in the 2021-22 school year, we were pleased to note that our cadets made substantial progress toward their goals.  Several of our cadets were able to exit out of special education.  Our ESL students also made progress, indicated by their end of year WIDA scores and several of them also were able to move to a monitoring status.  We were happy to see that all of our students returned and, in most cases, surpassed their pre-Covid levels. 

For the second year in a row, Maritime Academy Charter School was recognized as an Exceptional Charter School in Special Education.  This awarded is given to charter schools that meet certain criteria as determined by the National Association of Special Education Teachers. This award has only been received by a small number of Philadelphia charter schools.  It speaks to the dedication and perseverance of our teachers, administrators, cadets and families. 

In closing, I would like to thank each of you for choosing Maritime Academy Charter School. I am excited about the coming year and I am confident that 2022-2023 will be an excellent year. I truly look forward to serving the Maritime Cadets with dedication and  continuing to provide a high quality education to every cadet.  Please reach out to me should you have any questions, concerns or requests so I can best support both your family and your cadet as we move back towards a “normal” school year.


Kimberley Bonanni - Director of Specialized Services