CEO / Principal's Message

Last Updated: 9/2/2020 1:29 PM


Dear Maritime Families,

Welcome back to Maritime Academy - VIRTUAL - Charter School. MACS will be Virtual using Remote Learning Programs for the first marking period through November 2, 2020. MACS will be assessing at all times Health & Safety Issues. Should conditions improve and the risk of the virus minimized, MACS will open in person education or with an A/B hybrid schedule when it is safe to do so.

On March 13th, MACS went totally virtual as a result of the worldwide Coronavirus Pandemic pursuant to its careful and well-constructed Continuity of Education Plan. The Coronavirus has been the most devastating health and safety issue that any of us have had to deal with in our lifetime. Despite this, we were able to complete the school year and hold a memorable Move Up Day Ceremony and a Memorable Graduation Day Ceremony. Since that time, we have carefully followed the spread of the Virus throughout our Country and the World. Unfortunately, the Virus continues to be a serious Health and Safety issue for everyone at MACS - you, your families, our teachers, support staff, your counselors, Principals and all those who make up our precious MACS family. The MACS Administrative family met many times to consider the health & safety issues that confronted our school. Many families and teachers expressed their concerns that the virus presented significant health risk to them and our cadets. We also sought out the advice and council of several other Charter School leaders facing the same questions. After consideration of thoughtful council and advice from trusted members of the MACS family, MACS will not open an in- person school but will continue a robust Virtual program following a carefully constructed Continuity of Education Plan and a comprehensive Health & Safety Plan.

MACS will also establish a hybrid plan of Continuity of Education both in person and remote for those cadets in our Special Education Programs. Our school buildings will remain open and staffed, cleaned and sanitized for use on an as needed basis. 2 Teachers can teach from their home or from their regular assigned classroom. In person instruction will be carefully planned for smaller groups that will follow the health and safety protocols. Even though we are teaching and learning remotely, the protocol of wearing our uniform and dressing for school will help us stay focused. MACS will also continue to supply breakfast and lunch to all MACS families at the grab and go site located at 2275 Bridge Street. Our teachers and staff will continue our very best to continue all education and recreational programs; the Virtual Art Show and a Virtual Music Program, and a Virtual Winter Concert should be planned. Parent Teacher Conferences will go forward. Sports programs will be addressed on a case by case basis. I have instructed everyone before cancelling any event, educational experience, writing project, or outing, to give careful thought to safe alternatives. If we can do it, the motto will be WE CAN DO IT SAFELY.

The virus has been in reality the very least of a number of stressful social issues to be addressed in the 2020/21 school year. We will not sweep these issues under the rug but address them candidly and honestly. We will talk about race and bigotry in America. The teachers, principals and I are reading the book "So You Want to Talk About Race". A commentator on the writing of Ms. Ijeoma Oluo states, "You are not going to find a more user-friendly examination of race in America than Ijeoma Oluo's fantastic new book. The writing is elegantly simple, which is a real feat when tackling such a thorny issue.”

Think of it as Race for the Willing - to Listen. MACS is going to talk about Race and LISTEN. It is the generations in our schools today that are more accepting of differences. I am confident that your generation will lead the path. I believe that you do believe in justice and equality. I have seen it in our school and on the playing fields of basketball, volleyball, soccer, bowling, in the hallways and in the classrooms. Our second theme for 2020-2021 is Year of Inclusion and Diversity.

Let's look at the virus as a test of our will power. We are going to care for one another by wearing a mask, social distancing, washing our hands, practicing good personal hygiene, cleaning and sanitizing our buildings and spaces, paying attention to the details, being vigilant, whether we are at home or perchance in a school building. If we are sick with COVID symptoms, we will stay home and quarantine. Finally, we shall always BE RICH IN KINDNESS. Let's have a magnificent teaching and learning experience in the year 2020/2021! 

Eugene Mattioni - Chief Executive Officer



Dear Maritime Cadets, Families and Staff:  

Welcome back to the 2020-2021 school year! I hope you were able to relax, refresh, and restore during the summer. I am excited to have our cadets back to school in the fall. Although learning will be virtual, we plan to provide daily instruction by teachers who will deliver a standards-based curriculum and will use evidence-based programs to support cadets’ learning. Our mission continues to be to prepare our cadets for college and career. Our theme this year is Be Rich in Kindness and Year of Inclusion and Diversity.

I am pleased to share some highlights of the 2019-2020 school year:

  • The high school graduation celebration was a huge success. We began our celebration on June 4, 2020 with a virtual program on our website and continued with a drive-through ceremony, during which 100% of our seniors received their diplomas, awards, gifts, trophies and graduation yard signs. Mr. Mattioni and all of the teachers cheered and congratulated the seniors. It was a joyful and special day honoring the Class of 2020.
  • Our cadets received several awards and honors, including 2nd place in the Carver Science Fair, 2nd place in the Sea Perch robotics competition, 1st place and an honorable mention in the Four Chaplains Essay Contest, and 3rd place and an honorable mention in the National History Competition. We are so proud of all of our cadets and their accomplishments.
  • Fourteen seniors and six juniors attended Community College of Philadelphia and earned a total of 89 college credits.
  • Seventeen seniors completed Advanced Placement courses in English Literature, Environment Science, and US History.
  • Our school received an award for the highest four-year improvement in college and career readiness from the School District of Philadelphia.
  • Cadets will attend 15 different colleges in the fall.
  • The Girls’ Volleyball team remains undefeated for two consecutive years.
  • Three of our varsity basketball players received ALL PUBLIC Honors: Willie Davis - 3rd Team ALL PUBLIC; Tyler Morell - 1st Team ALL PUBLIC; Devon Stanley - 1st Team ALL PUBLIC; Devon Stanley was also selected as the Most Valuable Player within the Colonial Division! Three senior athletes will be playing basketball for Manor College.

Our goals for the 2020-2021 school year are:

  • Goal #1 - Achievement:  Increase cadet achievement and close the opportunity gap.
  • Goal #2 - Maritime Studies:  Integrate maritime studies in every subject/course.
  • Goal #3 - School Safety:  Provide safe, fun, and relevant learning environments.
  • Goal #4 - College & Career Readiness:  Prepare cadets for success in the workplace and in college.

This coming year, all ninth graders will have access to the Pre-AP curriculum in English, history, and science. Additionally, cadets will have access to the following new courses: Computer Science (9th grade only), Maritime History, Marine Biology, Statistics, and Psychology.

Once again, welcome to the 2020-2021 school year!  Let’s work together to make this a great year!

Lucy Feria - High School Principal



Welcome Back Maritime Cadets and Families,

Welcome to the Year of Inclusion and Diversity here at Maritime Academy!  We are starting school back up at a very strange time in our history.  When we shut down our school and went virtual on March 13th, we only expected to be closed for a few weeks.  Now, nearly 6 months later, we are reopening school in a virtual environment.  Because of the unexpected spring closing of schools, our students are going to have to focus and work hard to get caught up.  To help support this, we are giving all of our cadets a Chromebook and we will even be able to help families with procuring WiFi it is needed.

The social justice movement here in America was brought to the forefront this summer and Maritime Academy has recognized this.  We have responded by making this our Year of Inclusion and Diversity.  Maritime Academy has always been a welcoming place for all of our students. We pride ourselves on having a diverse student body and treating everyone equally.  Some of the unifying ideas we have developed for cadets and families are not possible during this time of social distancing, but we hope to have opportunities to get all of our families together for fellowship and fun in the not too distant future. 

We must emphasize to our cadets that the COVID-19 pandemic is not permanent.  At some point, we will get back to normal and cadets will need to be mentally and emotionally prepared for this.  It is important that you have conversations with your child to let them know that we will get through this. Many adolescents are suffering from the emotional strains of isolation and loneliness and we are here to help.  We are able to provide counseling and referrals through our office of specialized services.  Whether you need help with providing school supplies, getting access to the internet, or mental health support for your child, Maritime is here to help.  But we cannot support you if you do not reach out.  A simple email to myself or Mr. Hewitt, our assistant principal, is how we can start getting you the help your family needs.

As always - Be Rich In Kindness!

Peter B. Saunders - Elementary School Principal



Dear Maritime Cadets, Families, Staff, Teachers and Community Members,

Welcome back to the 2020-2021 school year! Although this is not the way I envisioned our school year to begin, I am confident that the supports we have in place will ensure success for each of our cadets.

During the 2019-20 school year, we had some reasons for both joy and sorrow.  Our cadets at both the middle and high school were able to celebrate graduation, via virtually and through a drive-through ceremony.  Though it is not what we are used to for graduation, but it was a fun, happy time and I believe our graduates enjoyed it.  Our related service providers and teachers were able to reach their cadets, insuring each one received the supports they needed, despite being virtual.  Sadly, we also mourned the death of Millie Curley, a much loved teacher and colleague.

None of us were happy that, due to continued COVID 19 concerns, our 2020-2021 school year would begin remotely.  However, with the support of CEO, Mr. Mattioni, Elementary School Principal, Mr. Saunders, High School Principal, Ms. Feria, our board members and special education staff, we were able to offer some limited live instruction for our special education cadets.  It is my sincerest hope that we will be able to return to “in person” school in November.

In closing, I would like to thank each of you for choosing Maritime Academy Charter School. I am excited about the coming year and I am confident that 2020-2021 will be another wonderful year. I truly look forward to serving the Maritime Cadets with dedication and providing a high quality education to every cadet.

Kimberley Bonanni - Director of Specialized Services