Vision-Mission Statement


In cooperation with the maritime industry and educational partners, Maritime Academy Charter School endeavors to enable each cadet to become capable and respectful members of society, ready for post‐secondary education or gainful employment in either the private or public sector upon graduation.


  • 􏰀  Maritime Academy Charter School strives to instill in each cadet an appreciation of our nation’s maritime heritage via hands‐on access to the global transportation industry, particularly as it relates to the Ports of the Delaware River and Bay.

  • 􏰀  Maritime Academy Charter School expects all K‐12 cadets to master their respective standards‐based curricula for graduation, post‐secondary education and career opportunities.

  • 􏰀  Maritime Academy Charter School provides a nurturing school environment that develops a strong sense of community, individual self‐confidence and the recognition of the strength of differences across people and all cultures. 

  1. Approved by nine Board Members/Staff on 11/12/15.