Special Education

Last Updated: 11/2/2022 6:12 PM

All special education documentation and policies are available upon request from both the Elementary School and the High School locations.  Any questions regarding these documents can be directed to the Director of Specialized Services.


MACS is committed to providing school environments that promote and protect children’s health, well-being, and ability to learn by supporting healthy eating and physical activity. MACS makes reasonable modifications to accommodate children with disabilities. MACS procedures extend to the contracted FSMC. At MACS, we offer a person with a disability the opportunity to participate in or benefit from the recipient’s aid, benefit, or services. We are providing a person with a disability an opportunity to participate that is equal to the opportunity provided to others. We provide a person with a disability the same aid, benefit, or service that is provided to others. We adjust meal service to accommodate any disabilities. Education curriculum is adjusted to accommodate individual needs

In order to support these accommodations, the following will be implemented:

  1. MACS and FSMC staff will be trained yearly on State requirements regarding Disability accommodations
  2. Support needed is reviewed and adjusted as needed by MACS admin and nursing staff
  3. Policy is updated yearly and available for parents on MACS website (link provided)


Click HERE to view a PowerPoint presentation for help with struggling cadets.