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Canned Food Drive - Elementary School

canned food drive

Home and School Association Dinner of Thanks - Elementary School

H&S Dinner of Thanks


Today is Friday, November 8, 2019, and it is an “A” day.

  • Shorts are no longer part of our uniform for the fall and winter and shirts must be tucked in.  Our new school sweaters are arriving and we have begun to distribute them.

  • CLC programs are underway for both before school and after school.  Information for programs is on our website. Please sign up for any program.  

  • Sixers tickets are sold out!  Thank you to all those that have purchased! The tickets will be given out next week. 

  • Pretzel sales will continue this week!  50 cents for a cheese and 50 cents for a pretzel. 

  • We are collecting candy for our second annual Candy for the Navy. Sweeten up someone’s day by donating your extra candy. Your sweets will be distributed to retired, homeless, and active military members. Please drop your donations to the following locations, after announcements: 1st Floor- Ms. Lerner’s, 2nd Floor- Mrs. Peri’s, and 3rd Floor- Mrs. Rubin. 1st grade can be given to Mrs. Kern. We are still accepting last minute donations on Tuesday November12th 

  • Girls Basketball game is today.  Please listen for the announcement to get changed at 2:30 and board the bus at 2:45.

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Attendance Matters!

Attendance Matters