Daily CEO Message - Thursday, 3/26/2020

Dear Maritime Cadets:  Some thoughts for Thursday; it's going to be a nice day so plan on getting some fresh air today.  Go for a walk or run.  It remains important to keep adequate social distance and to otherwise stay at home.  Obeying the rules is always important but in order to beat the virus, this is critical.  On the positive side, our government, Federal, State and Local, are working in a bi-partisan way to protect each of us in an unprecedented manner and lead us back to a full recovery.  A stimulus package of two trillion dollars should be on President Trump's desk very soon.  I would like each of us to think about our brave hospital and medical workers who are willing to place their lives on the line to treat people sickened by the Virus.  Nurses, doctors, technicians, and those who work keeping hospitals safe and clean.  I want to thank our Mr. Riggins and the staff at Lintons for daily providing food for maritime families in need. This is selfless service to Maritime families.

Our staff of Principals and Teachers and those who work to help you learn and grow has met the challenge of remote teaching and learning.  I am planning on presenting to our Board of Directors a request to make a large order of Chromebooks for grades 2 through 6.  I am very hopeful that we will get back to school sooner than later and I have asked our staff to start planning re-opening school and all of our positive programs.  I know we will get control of the virus and I am thinking positively of how we can open school and be stronger, more unified, grateful for the privilege of attending school, focused on teaching and learning, enjoying our fellow students and teachers.  


For our maritime lesson for today, I would like you to visit the online publication, "Sailing Directions".  Select a geographic area you would like to learn about, such as Publication 142, Ireland and the West Coast of England or Publication 143, the West Coast of Europe and North West Africa or Publication 191, the English Channel.  Sailing directions are a travel guide for mariners.when going to a new area they are not familiar with for seeking out local information, navigation aids, hazard to navigation, local weather, tides and currents, port information, features of the ports.  Find something of interest and write a short report to your teacher.   


Finally, Be Safe, Keep Social Distance, Stay at Home, Protect the Elderly and Think about a task or something positive we (you) could do to make the world safer and better!

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