Daily CEO Message - Wednesday, 3/25/2020

I want to share with you a note from our Board Member, Lew Grill. "Amore, abbracci e pace dall'Italia". This means, "Love, hugs and peace from Italy".  Board Member Lew is presently in Bologna, Italy studying Language and Italian History at the University of Bologna.  He is also thinking about you and your welfare.  Some of you may remember when Mr. Grill spoke to you about the trucking industry and its maritime connection.  A famous trucking icon is Malcolm McLean, who first converted a World War II Tanker into the very first container ship.  He revolutionized the maritime transportation industry.  My first assignment for you today is to look up the history of Malcolm McLean and write a short story about his life and how he transformed us from break bulk shipping to container shipping.


The University of Bologna is the oldest University in the Western World.  The city of Bologna is also very beautiful and has several leaning towers that match in height that of the leaning tower of PISA.  My second assignment for you today is to look up the history of the City of Bologna.  Answer the following question, "Why did Italians' like to build towers?" Look up the city of San Gimignano and write about its history and its many towers. 


As a separate note, Italy is also in a crisis at this time with the most coronavirus cases in Europe.  Spend a few moments in solidarity with the people of Italy as you study Bologna and San Gimignano.  Continue to practice social separation and remain inside today.  It's going to be a rainy day so you can spend a bit more time on Google Classroom and in communication with your teachers.  Stay connected to your fellow students.  I miss everyone!  We will get through this virus.  Be diligent and pay attention to the details.  Stay at home for today; tomorrow the sun will shine!

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